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The aim of this website ( ) is to provide universal information regarding the business it is involved in and the services that it provides. always maintains up to date information without issuing our clients and readers mis leading information regarding the website and it’s contents. We state for legal reasons that we do not make any kind of warranties if the information on our website is incorrect. With the above being stated, you are at your own risk if you will rely on the information that is being provided to you.


It is very important that if you do not receive your order, you must email right away. The only time an order is not delivered is when the client provides a link that is private, or a link that is incorrect. To this day BUILDMYPLAYS has had no issues when it comes to delivery which is why we are recognized for the work that we do across the board.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY LINK IS BAND OR REMOVED? takes no responsibility for any links that we take being banned or removed. You are solely at your own risk but what we will tell you is that we have been around from that start and to this day we have never had that issue. We can not be judged if you have bought the same services through an unreliable source.