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BUILDMYPLAYS is proud to say that we are now offering members of the public the chance to become a re seller for our company. We started out only supplying large companies that would then buy bulk orders to re sell at a higher price but we have had many requests from individual clients who would like to have a go at starting their own business as they know we charge the lowest rates, our quality is brilliant and most important of all they trust us.


Re sellers are entitled to receive up to 20% off our current site prices. The minimum you will receive is 5 % but it does all go down to the amount of orders you are buying. Our re sellers plan is very simple and easy for clients to use. When you become a re seller you are appointed your very own adviser who will handle everything for you including taking your orders personally and giving you advice on how to gain more clients. Do not get put off by being new to this as many clients who come will know next to nothing about how to sell social media, this is where we stand in for you. We complete the orders for you, you can see exactly how well your orders are going and you are notified every time one of your orders are completed so you can email you clients right away to ensure only the best of customer service.


It really does not take that long to set you up with an account. You will be asked some very basic questions such as ” do you have a website in place ? ” and ” do you have a current client base ? “. This is all so that we know how to serve you to our best ability and what level you are currently at. We make life very easy for our clients and we will ensure that you do make money. If you are wanting to become a re seller, the first stage will be to email us at and state that you are interested in becoming a re seller and you would like to know a bit more. Once we have received this you will get a response with more information and a number of questions. We take things slow with our clients to ensure they understand everything that is evolved.