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BUILDMYPLAYS would like to welcome you to the rapidly increasing social media site that specializes in Soundcloud services. We of all people know how important it is for an artist that is either well known or up and coming artist to have a presence on Soundcloud which is why we are here to help you and really take charge of your account to get you where you aspire to be.

BUILDMYPLAYS has a team of unique individuals who have tried and tested many methods to bring you one that works 100 % and one that provides you real SoundCloud plays and downloads but still keeping it lower than all other providers. We do provide every social media service again delivering real organic products but this site is a one stop shop for people who are really looking to boost Soundcloud plays and downloads and for those who are looking to be seen on Soundcloud as the one to watch.


BUILDMYPLAYS is just one website out of several that we have in place. We do this to not confuse things and give the customer reassurance that they are dealing with experts that specialize in that service i.e Soundcloud.

BUILDMYPLAYS has been around from day one which means that we know what works, we know how to market an artist on Soundcloud effectively so that they reach their goals. You may be like most artists who work day and night perfecting what they have created and feel that they deserve the record deal they first set out to gain, when you gain Soundcloud plays and or comments and you use us to provide you that, you have a very good chance of that dream becoming a reality.

We provide all our clients with 24 / 7 customer service agents who have trained and passed a customer service exam so you as a client know that you are dealing with a serious company who generally not only want you to succeed but we want you going away telling your friends, family and or business associates about the experience you had with us. BUILDMYPLAYS is always looking for long term business, we know there are many sites who will not respond to you or even deliver what you had paid for…

BUILDMYPLAYS is different, we not only deliver what you have asked for but we go the extra step to offer new clients a FREE TRAIL to show you the quality and speed of our service.